How to make my exhaust sound better and louder?

A car’s exhaust sound is affected by several factors. The most important factor is of course the engine size (capacity). Generally speaking, the bigger the engine capacity, the louder the exhaust sound, hence why a V8 or even V12 engine would sound louder than a 1.0 engine (Extreme example).  The second factor is to do with how restrictive the factory exhaust is. Most of the time, a factory fitted exhaust is very restrictive in terms of noise level of the engine, as the main job of the standard exhaust is to reduce noise level and to meet European car laws… But also bare in mind that restricting in noise means restricting in power!

Now, you have a better understanding of what determines how loud your exhaust sound, we are going to show you several ways to increase the sound of your exhaust.

Cut out the silencers
Removing silencers is a cheap and effective way to increase the noise of your exhaust. Most cars have 2 silencers in total, performance vehicles may have more, always remove one silencer at a time and check if the noise level is at desire level.   

Installing decat or sports cat
A standard cat (catalytic converter) is an important component in today’s Eco friendly society. How does it work? - As the metal inside the cat heats up, they covert the gases into less harmful substances.  The sports cat (sports catalyst) has a much greater flow rate than a standard cat. The sports cat and standard cat are made in the same material, but the sports cat has a finer matrix and smoothness allows a greater exhaust gas flow and deeper exhaust note.  A decat pretty much does what it says on the tin, decat means removing the cat completely.  There is no restrictions once the cat is removed, allowing greater gas flows, resulting in louder exhaust note and higher performance figures. Please note that sports cat and decats are illegal in some countries, please research the law in your country before making decision on fitting these parts.  

Installing a performance exhaust system
Most cars have plenty of room for performance increase. That’s not to say that the cars are poorly made today, but many manufacturers will choose cheaper alternatives when it comes to parts such as an exhaust system. A Performance exhaust will free some of the power of your engine, as these systems are less restrictive, and is more efficient in terms of allowing gases to escape. This means your engine will “breath better” resulting in spent fuel and air exiting the engine faster, which means more fuel and air can be burned to create more power.  

A performance exhaust will change the exhaust tone of the vehicle, due to the fact that aftermarket exhaust manufactures produces exhaust with less restrictive silencers. Also, an aftermarket system often has less silencers, which is exactly the same theory we talked in the above section by teaching you to removing silencers manually. But we will explain why a full system is better!   Often you will find that standard exhausts are produced using a “crush-bend” technique, this is a cheaper manufacturing method, but it creates a crinkled area in the pipe work which decrease the diameter and slows down the exhaust gases. It is very common for aftermarket manufacturers to use the “mandrel bend” method to produce exhausts. It is a more expensive process, but it creates a smooth pipework, the pipe remains at a constant diameter throughout the bends, which means it’s less restrictive and will free up a lot more power than by just cutting the silencers out of the standard exhausts.

While the cutting out method is a cheaper solution to a louder exhaust system, it would be fine if you are just after noise. But for performance benefits, installing a full aftermarket exhaust system would be the way forward.

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