O2 spacers, O2 emulator, O2 Adaptors, O2 extenders - Do they really work?

First of all, just to make it clear, O2 spacers, O2 emulator, O2 Adaptors, O2 extenders - they all mean the same thing.  If your car is fitted with a performance exhaust - a sports cat or decat in particular, it is more than likely that your car's dash is displaying an "engine management" icon.  On the owner’s manual, it will advise you to visit the dealership ASAP.  

NOT TO WORRY, it isn’t the end of the world. The light is only brought up due to an increased in emission outside the manufactures’ specifications. Typically, there are a few ways round it;

This is a temporally solution only, this can be done by plugging in a diagnostic tool into the EBDI / EBDII Port. It reads the ECU and gives you an option to clear the codes at the end. Once the codes are cleared, the code will disappear for a short period of time. However, please note that usually within 30 miles, the code will reappear.  You can also get an Android / IPhone app these days to use as a diagnosic tool, which is handy on the go.


If you have plans to remap your vehicle, then that’s perfect, a remap will insert new parameters allowing the ECU to read new O2 emissions data, with new parameters, the engine management light will no longer come on.


O2 spacer is one of the cheapest alternative should you have no plans for a remap. However, please note that o2 spacer may only work if your engine management light is actually EMISSION RELATED, if you have a knackered or broken O2 sensor, this may not be of any help!  How does an O2 Spacer work? O2 spacer extends the gap between the o2 sensor and the exhaust gases, with an increased gap, it will provide a lower Co2 reading. Does the o2 spacer guarantee to work on all vehicles? No, it doesn’t, as each vehicles produces different level of emissions, and may not work on all emission levels. However, 90% of the time they will work provided the original o2 sensor is not faulty.

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