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Ksport Brakes

Ksport Brakes

Ksport, K sport, K-sport, Ksport Front & Rear Big Brake Kits and Ksport Replacement Pads

KSport (K-Sport) UK is the largest KSport brake distributor in the world, they have been working together with the manufactuer since the first prototype release. No other distributor has more experience of the KSport big brake kit range than themselves.

The KSport kits are made to the very best standard, the KSport brakes are also one of the best known performance brake upgrade kit on the market. NOT only performance wise but also how reliable they are and the durability aspect.  One of it's key feature is their special twin piston seal design.  This special design allows them to work in British winter - No Problem! You will see no sticking pistons and failed leaking seals with these kits!  

KSport brakes offer applications for a wide range of vehciles. Just Performance can supply the full range of KSport Brake kit at a very competitve price, we are one of the cheapest KSport supplier in the UK. KSport offers different discs size to fit numbers of different wheel size. They range from 286mm to fit under 15" wheels, right up to the monster floating 400mm kits, which will fit under 22" wheels. Contact us via Live Chat one of our team will be happy to help.